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Job Description: City Partner ( The global area)

This position is a company agent, and carries out related work in various areas of the city in the form of cooperation. Promote and sell the WeChat public account registration, public account operation service and small program mall and other related products under the “Wei Shang Interactive” brand.

Welcome to consult:

WeChat: vs20132021

 E-mail: service@vsapp.cn

Job content:

1. Promote and promote our company products, brands, develop customers and form their own team

2. Responsible for the customer's explanation about products and services, business negotiation, contract signing and payment, etc.

3. Maintain new and old customer relationships.

Job requirements:

1. As an agent or partner for our company .

2. 3-5 years of local marketing experience or resource advantage, leading the team to work better.

3. Those who are familiar with China's national conditions and WeChat are preferred.

4, have a strong management ability, a good sense of teamwork and can withstand greater work pressure.

5. Entrepreneurial entrepreneurship, passion and courage to take responsibility, and the courage to open up new business areas.


Why choose to become a partner of WeShare interactive?

1, Zero investment + high return

2, Mature brand + massive customer case

3, Professional team service + leading support support

What is our company's business and services?
1, Wechat official account registration
2, Mini Program Mall development
3, WeChat generation operation
4, Software customized development

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