Maia Active—Sports brand



【Maia Active】——Sports brand specially created for Asian women

As a cutting-edge sports brand in the domestic female consumer market, MAIA ACTIVE has rapidly occupied the minds of consumers since its establishment in 2016 and established a unique trendy style of the brand. At the same time, MAIA ACTIVE has also shaped the core product power of the DTC brand through insight into consumer needs and social marketing, firmly grasping consumers.


Background of the project

With the rapid development of the social economy, the consumption level of women is increasing, and an e-commerce community with women as the core has spontaneously emerged. Based on the high proportion of female users of Xiaohongshu and the characteristics of Maia Active’s flagship female sportswear brand, it is very compatible. The brand hopes to use Xiaohongshu to promote its products in a targeted manner and serve more Asian women.

Project requirements

The brand hopes to use the power of the professional new media team of Weshang Interactive to quickly penetrate the 300 million users of Xiaohongshu and convey the brand concept by opening a Xiaohongshu business account, opening a Xiaohongshu store, and Xiaohongshu kol promotion. Attract more consumers to pay.

WeChat Interactive Service Response

1. Open a corporate account and enter the Xiaohongshu Mall

2. Kol promotion


Celebrities and top KOLs push content to increase product exposure and topics.

The waist and bottom KOLs spread to form a co-creation atmosphere where users drive users.


Promotion effect

Through keywords such as "health, body shaping, exercise, yoga", the product reputation was created to meet the demands of female consumers, and countless users were attracted to place orders via mobile phones in a short period of time, making Maia Active quickly become a hot product on the Internet.


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