HomeFaciaIPro—Skin care brand



HomeFaciaIPro-a skin care brand focusing on ingredient research

HomeFacialPro is a professional skin care brand with major ingredients in China. The founding and R&D team comes from skin care brands such as Procter & Gamble and Vipshop. It has received investment from Morningside Capital, Qingsong Fund and other institutions.


Background of the project

HomeFaciaIPro wants to get more exposure through kol&koc promotion on Xiaohongshu, but due to limited corporate promotion resources, it hopes to use the power of a professional new media promotion team to help brand exposure.

Project requirements

The head kol master + bottom koc amateur notes are released to increase brand exposure, increase the number of account fans, and increase the rate of product orders.

WeChat Interactive Service Response

Kol, koc promotion plan:

20% head master (5W powder-10W powder)

50% waist expert (5k powder-5w powder)

30% koc (within 5k fans)

Around 500 skin care product rankings, skin care product recommendations, skin care product collections, skin care product reviews, good things sharing, dry goods tutorials, or compilation of recommended type notes.


Promotion effect

During the promotion of Xiaohongshu, countless consumers were successfully promoted, and a wave of Internet celebrity skin care products was set off on various social media, which achieved tens of millions of exposures of brand products and triggered tens of thousands of hot search interactions.

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