CHARLES&KEITH—Fast fashion brand from Singapore

CHARLES & KEITH was founded in Singapore in 1996. The brand's products include shoes, bags, belts, sunglasses, bracelets and other fashion accessories. As of 2014, the group has set up 450 stores in the golden business districts of major cities in 36 countries around the world.


Background of the project

China has a large population and the rising per capita consumption level is one of the main reasons for attracting CHARLES&KEITH brands to open up the Chinese mainland market. However, due to the differences in language environment and customs, brands cannot promote their products based on the way of thinking and perspective of Chinese people. Therefore, we hope to recommend our products to Chinese consumers through the domestic professional agency operation team in accordance with the local promotion form, so that more people can understand our brand.

Project requirements

From the three aspects of copywriting, pictures and content, it reflects the high value of the product, enhances the product favorability, and enhances the product fashion sense.

WeShare service response

According to customer needs, Weishang Interactive produced exquisite and high-quality cover images, concise and attractive titles, popular hot labels, and beautifully typeset text, which brought more traffic to the notes and attracted more fans for the account. Notes can also be associated with product recommendations and similar products, which greatly promotes the volume of orders.


Operation effect


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