What do overseas enterprises need to pay attention to when they settle in Xiaohongshu platform?



What should enterprises at home and abroad pay attention to when settling in Xiaohongshu platform?

Today micro Shangjun one by one for you to sort out the introduction:

1. Why is the application for entering Xiaohongshu not 100% successful?

At present, the main attraction of Little Red Book platform lies in [international and domestic quality brands]

After the third party applies for entry, whether it can be approved or not, Xiao Hongshu needs to follow up the actual situation (the company's business status, service level and other factors) to decide whether the merchants are allowed to enter.

As the entry standard of Xiaohongshu is updated irregularly with relevant national regulations, the development trend of various categories, and the purchase demand of xiaohongshu users.

Therefore, many domestic and foreign enterprises who do not know the industry will be easily confused, many enterprises toss about for half a day but can not do it, wasting a lot of time and labor costs. This is also why so many friends at home and abroad to find the micro Shangjun to deal with.

2. Why is the application for entering Xiaohongshu complex?

Due to different types of little Red book stores (official flagship store, brand store, exclusive store, collection point) and related requirements are not the same, so many friends at home and abroad feel very complicated when applying.

The official flagship store alone can be divided into three categories:

A. The official flagship store of multiple brands under the same actual controller;

B. An official flagship store with service trademarks and operating multiple brands;

C. Operate official flagship stores of a single brand

However, the official flagship store or flagship store is not open for the time being and is only open to the platform.

So before you apply, you have to figure out which one you belong to, and headaches are normal.

3. What materials do domestic and foreign enterprises need to settle in?

A. Domestic enterprises:

Business license, organization code certificate (if the three certificates are integrated into one, the business license with unified credit code must be provided), and stamped with the official seal of the enterprise.

B. Overseas enterprises (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) :

Business Registration, Certificate of Incorporation (" BR ", "CR") and incorporation stamped with the corporate seal.

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