Micro still operation strategy: small red book notes how hot? How to do keyword ranking?



Before understanding how little red book notes become popular, let's first understand the popular principle of little red book notes: users actively search + system recommendation, comment on notes thumb up, and the platform further pushes the notes according to the note data until the notes become popular.

So what are the benefits of being hot?

1. The account is labeled by the system, and the content is more easily recommended to target users, so the weight of the account will be higher and higher;

2. If the initial content is well stocked, the popularity of a single note will lead to the growth of other notes, making your account significantly different and perhaps gaining a wave of vertical followers.

How does little red book note go up hot? What effective methods are popular on the Internet?

一. Make original notes of high quality

1. The content of your notes should be valuable and resonate with others;

2, pay attention to picture quality!!

As far as possible to choose hd images without watermark, the head of the picture had better choose attractive long image, cover with the picture must be labeled. The first image is as carefully designed as possible as a poster and a multi-product collection. It can't be a single product head map, nor should it be a handheld single product map. If there is only one Amway product in your notes, you must not put the product map on the first page.

二, exclude the note of advertising suspicion

1. Judge whether the notes are included

The inclusion of notes depends on the weight of the account and whether the content's labels, images and copywriting contain illegal words or advertising. If the review time of notes is too long, it always shows that "in review" and you need to check whether there are banned words in the notes, you can check the new advertising law, such as "most", "first" and other words are not allowed to appear... .

2. Avoid being mistaken for the marketing number by the system

One of the worst things to avoid when Posting notes is to publish them in succession, because a large number of notes posted in the same period of time will make the platform think that these are all marketing numbers. Do not release too many articles in the same time period, want to lengthen the battle line, after 8:30 in the evening can be slightly more.

三. Refer to popular notes

Refer to popular notes for topic selection, title format, cover art design, and content.

四.Chasing hot spots

In addition to the hot notes, hot tracking is also the only way to develop an account. No matter which platform the user all likes to know the current news, the small red book female user is in the majority, likes to some hot gossip. If you click on a hot spot, you're more likely to get on the front page of a little red book, and your account will be exposed along with it.

五.Add hot topics

Since on the popular, it means that there is a lot of traffic in the platform, do not rub it is not reasonable, but must choose and their notes related to the content of the popular topic. Adding hot topics around images and at the end of notes makes it easier to get recommendations from the platform.

六. do a good job of keyword layout

(How to do keyword ranking?)

1, the title of the article must have keywords. The eye-catching title determines whether your notes are searchable or not, and affects where your notes rank in your little red book.

2. In addition to the original theme, the content of the whole article must be written around keywords, so that it can be accurately refined by Little Red book and easy to search.

3, of course, in the little red book is indispensable pictures! Pictures should be associated with the keywords in the notes, and try to add keywords at the end of the topic.

4. Participate in the interaction of comments, and the copy of comments should contain keywords as much as possible, and the density of keywords should be improved accordingly, so as to facilitate the ranking of notes in Little Red Book.

5. The higher your account level, the higher your notes are likely to rank. You can choose some high-quality small red book da people to post notes, not only can let the fans see more notes, but also can have a good keyword ranking.

The above is micro Shangjun to small red book operation strategy made to share, today to talk about here, I hope to be helpful to you.

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