How much does it cost to develop a car applet? Automotive applet development solution?



Now the automobile industry in the public traffic to get customers cost is getting higher and higher, and WeChat has 1.2 billion active users, WeChat small program and more than 60 traffic distribution entrance, convenient merchants more widely online touch to reach more customers; More online access to the customer's path, to adapt to the change in the owner's consumption habits.

Small program breaks the island of information between apps and presents all the services of the automobile industry on the same platform. At present, there are nearly 200 million users with automobile labels. These users may have been scattered in various apps before, but the small program ecology brings them together, reducing the difficulty for automobile enterprises to accurately obtain customers.

What positive significance does applet have for the automobile industry?

  1. Connected to the line, completed the O2O transformation

We take auto repair stores as an example. Traditional offline stores do not have the ability and channel of online communication. The basic service presentation on the line is not available. The store cannot let the user buy the service online and use the service in the store. But the WeChat applet has its own solution to this dilemma.

Auto repair shop but borrow small program, can realize let the user online purchase service, reservation service, to the store to use the service. Complete the line business development of stores.

2, more exposure, more traffic, faster user touch

Nearby small program - public fan - small program code - store promotion - small program sharing - small program store - small program mutual jump - public article... , more than 60 ways to get customers to ignite small program traffic, users through any way can quickly enter the store small program.

3. Build user circles to increase user stickiness

4. Retention of service data brings the possibility of refined marketing

Automobile industry is a businessman has a lot of stores industry, businesses want to store on a good show requires a platform, but small program can be made specific stores to add more, small program with automotive industry system to make the good combination of businesses, customers can take advantage of the small program more convenient to find the most appropriate outlets, and businesses through a small program stores the user's data collection, analysis of the specific customer intention, then can carry out targeted product guide, eventually become the effective customer of the store.

What functions can a car applet provide?

1. Vehicle display: The platform collects a large amount of vehicle information, and comprehensively displays the highlights of the vehicle by shooting short videos, such as what engine the vehicle uses, what is the transmission, how is the chassis developed, how is the safety configuration, and what grade the wheels are, so that users can view the vehicle at 360 degrees without any dead Angle.

2. Automobile quotation: On the home page, the application sets up several sections according to the automobile brand. In each section, a detailed quotation sheet analysis of the automobile is carried out, and the user only needs to open it to quickly check it for the convenience of users.

3. Vehicle maintenance: If vehicle maintenance service is needed, the owner can also make an appointment with a nearby repair shop directly above.

4. Car evaluation: While searching out the model, you can not only check the car configuration details, but also check other people's test pictures, test drive test evaluation videos, pictures of every detail, etc., so that you can see the car on the spot with more direction.

5. Loan to buy a car: Nowadays, most users buy a car through the convenient way of loan, while the auto quotation applet will provide users with comprehensive online auto financing products and services to help users quickly get a car loan.

6. Online payment: users can pay directly online after purchasing the required goods, such as WeChat payment, alipay payment and online bank payment.

7. Parts mall: The mall mainly sells all kinds of auto parts, and users who need them can buy them online.

8. Automotive information: collect the latest trend information of current vehicles in real time, and provide users with professional automotive information; In addition, each model comes with its own details, such as body, gearbox, engine, wheels, lights, doors, Windows, and seats.

9. Community function: This function is mainly convenient for users to interact and communicate with each other about car purchasing experience and understanding.

10, intelligent query: the car small program software according to the car brand, price, level and displacement, in the home page set intelligent query function, and the user only need to enter a keyword online, it will provide the user with the car configuration details of the diagram and each user's assessment graphics. Let the user can know timely.

How much does it cost to develop a car applet?

In fact, just like a car, you can ask the manufacturer to customize one for you, or you can directly buy one in the 4S shop, which is also the main factor leading to the price difference.

One, template small program

Template applet is developed by the small program of the development of enterprises in advance, and then a set of small programs can be sold to many people, the development of enterprises to sell small programs when they do not need to develop again, direct sales can be.

The benefits are lower cost, better functionality, and shorter setup time. Suitable for companies that do not have unique functional requirements for small programs.

The disadvantage is that the secondary development can not be carried out, the function is fixed.

The price is about less than 10,000 yuan, the price difference depends on the function, such as the company website display small program, mall small program, community group buying small program, distribution small program, run an errand takeout online ordering small program these prices are different.

Second, custom development of small programs

Customized development of small program is the development of professional and technical personnel according to the requirements of the design scheme design page, clear function, production background management to carry out the small program, belonging to a small program. Developed for Company A according to the page function requirements of Company A; The development for B enterprise is based on the webpage function regulations of B company.

The benefit is the ability to carry out secondary development, have small program source code

The disadvantages are high price and long development time

The price is about between tens of thousands of yuan and tens of thousands of yuan, the key of price depends on function requirement and interface design requirement.

Above is related to the development of a car WeChat small program related content, car small program development can be simple and complex, the key depends on the views and needs of party a's company, if you want to master a lot of related car small program development related content, welcome to micro-still interactive message at any time.

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