Insurance industry small program customization which is good? How to choose a reliable development company?



As one of the financial troika, the insurance industry has a huge space for development. With the rapid development of social economy, people's demand for insurance is gradually rising, and the insurance industry is bound to have a great development prospect in the future.

In the process of exploration, the trend of digital transformation in the insurance industry is becoming more and more obvious. For the insurance industry, the social chain is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of the business marketing, and take over with small program with, easy to fission, and with the aid of WeChat platform have vast users, and the social advantages of high active users, the construction of insurance enterprises and users to the new way of communication, social distance between the two sides closer, relying on rich WeChat ecological data, social, and the ability to pay, covered by guest, spreading, pre-sale, sale, service, updating, and claims processing and management, payment, and user feedback and provide multiple links such as solution, help insurance companies to develop product marketing ecological effect syncretic.

What are the benefits of small programs in the insurance industry?

1. Help users to effectively filter redundant information, improve information flow rate, reduce error rate, and weigh policies, quotations and claims more quickly.

2. More efficiently approve claims that are reviewed, reduce the number of artificial claims, and indirectly reduce operating costs.

3. Globally synchronized data acquisition and process processing further improves the experience of users and service providers.

4. Reduce the input of push cost and through WeChat social attribute, the word-of-mouth fission effect of good products can be well guaranteed and the transformation can be improved;

5. WeChat customers visit the store, share and spread at any time, so that users can consume more conveniently. Setting positioning function, you can also visit physical stores nearby to improve user experience;

6. The big data function of small programs can also better understand user behaviors and priorities, explore more potential customers, and explore new business possibilities.

How does the insurance industry do a little program?

If you want to customize the development of a small insurance program, it is recommended to find a professional third-party development service providers, to see if there is a corresponding template can be set, if there is a template can be set, individual functions can be developed in addition, so save money, and can be quickly online.

1. Download WeChat official small program development tool, which is a necessary tool for editing small programs and uploading and auditing small programs.

2. If you are a developer, you have development experience. You'll need to look at the WeChat development documentation for the syntax of some columns and applets.

3, if you do not know the code, do not know how to develop small programs, the main options are the following:

Option 1: Develop with your existing development team or build a team to develop

Team development progress will be much faster, but the cost is also the highest, in addition, after the development is completed, only need to pay the market price to leave one or two people to maintain (normal one person is enough). This is more suitable for large enterprises, there are strong financial support.

Option 2: Outsource your development to a professional development company

It takes a certain amount of time and the price will not be much cheaper, so the salary level of the type of work is not low. In addition to professionalism, the price is reasonable. This kind of work is more suitable for medium-sized enterprises, which have their own customized needs and can bear the development cost.

Option 3: Buy the code package

This small program is usually a small application templates, personalized design, bought a code package their deployment server installation go up line, is a lot cheaper than the former two kinds of choices, function similar to buy small program code package price is almost one over ten of the development, but the quality is no guarantee that the code package, suggest to find a professional check the test code package, in addition to buy code package also needs to maintain, so suit to have the ability and the foundation, this way for other reasons can not own development. It can reduce expenses.

How to choose a reliable development company?

Insurance industry small program customization which is good? How to choose a reliable development company?

1. Companies that offer too low are unreliable

Some development companies will be very low price, let the customer feel very cost-effective, in fact, the price is far lower than the market price of small programs, functions and after-sales service and other aspects can not keep up, and even the development of a variety of invisible consumption;

2. Individual developers are not recommended to choose

In order to save development costs, some businesses will outsource some individual developers. Most of the individual developers work part-time, so it is a problem whether they can complete the development with quality and quantity. Moreover, it is often difficult to guarantee the after-sales service.

3. Sales outsourcing companies are not reliable

If the company, most of the staff are sales consultants, there is no real technology research and development personnel, they mainly rely on the strong sales ability to attract business, and then subcontracted to other companies, then such a company is not reliable;

Division I is a formal entity technology development company, with professional small program solutions, affordable, professional and reliable. We are customer-oriented, customized WeChat small program.

In today's rapidly developing Internet society, people's demands for their own security are increasingly tense. At the same time, the insurance industry is developing rapidly. The combination of the insurance industry and small procedures is the most obvious manifestation.

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