How much does it cost to develop a small program for mother and child?



In recent years, with the opening of the two-child policy, the maternal and child market has become more popular. Subsequently, a series of maternal and infant market system formed around maternal, infant, childcare, children's products, etc., has gradually developed to the direction of fine differentiation and refinement. More and more enterprises tend to incorporate small programs into their full platform sales system, even as the main e-commerce, display and other channels, which can also give you more confidence and reference to the partners who want to enter the game.

So what functions do you probably need to customize a mother-and-child applet?

1. Commodity display function

Display the latest maternal and infant products, classify them according to different attributes, and classify them in detail according to different attributes, so that users can quickly find the products they need. It not only supports text, pictures and other forms, but also supports video playback. Meet the personalized needs of users and improve user experience.

2. Forum communication function

Mainly through small programs to provide relevant information from mother to child, maternal and infant industry integration for common problems in the infant growth and analyzes in detail, and share the related knowledge of babies with mothers, treasure mom can also initiate any topic and communicate comments in the comments section, in order to solve the mothers of the problems in the process of taking care of children.

3. Rich promotion plug-ins

It is said that raising a child is the most expensive. When buying a baby, mothers have to take the price into consideration as well as the quality. Some limited-time promotions are held in malls to encourage mothers to chop off their hands. In addition, you can also choose groups, bargaining and other marketing forms, in order to promote the single at the same time, also let the mothers to share spontaneously, improve the exposure of the mall.

4. Order inquiry and management

Through the order inquiry and management business owners can track the sales situation in a timely manner, and timely to the corresponding adjustment and management of services.

5. Online customer service

As an important part of pre-sales and after-sales service, online customer service can also help enterprises improve the user experience.

6. Data analysis function

Merchants can analyze the sections they are interested in according to the communication content of mothers in the background data of small programs in the maternal and infant industry, so as to push relevant information more accurately and cultivate user loyalty.

7. Collect and manage customer information

Through the collection and induction of order information, a series of user behavior information such as user purchase frequency, product preference, preferential use can be obtained. It can help enterprises to find out the purchasing psychology of users, so as to continuously optimize and adjust the product structure and activity intensity.

How much does it cost to develop a small program for mother and child?

Mother and child store small program has a lot of kinds, what should see what you need to develop specifically is which kind, the small program of different function demand develops cost to differ.

There are now two types of small app stores on the market: template and customization.

Template: the natural price is cheap, in 20,000 less than, generally a few thousand can be. However, the functionality will be somewhat limited, and there will also be concerns about the deployment of the environment and whether the source code will be available;

Customization: the development cost is relatively high, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of possible, but the functions completely meet the needs of enterprises, can be optimized and adjusted at any time (such as Weishang Interactive experienced outsourcing development team, is very worth the choice of most small and medium-sized enterprises, the cost is controllable, delivery efficiency is fast, after-sales guarantee). Customers can combine their own situation to choose the right small program mall.

As the early start of small program development company in the industry, Micro Shangjun has been committed to provide the majority of users professional, efficient, high-quality small program development experience. I believe that in the Internet in the second half of the flood of competition, Micro Shangjun will become partners of the ideal comrade-in-arms.

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